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Margaret Graziano

Margaret “Magi” Graziano

Speaker, bestselling author, executive coach, consultant, and the heart and soul of KeenAlignment, CEO Margaret “Magi” Graziano lives and breathes healthy, high-performance organizational culture. With a contagious energy and undeniable candor, Magi has helped hundreds of companies transform their cultures and drive results.

Magi’s groundbreaking work is driven by her passion to discover and catalyze human potential. At the leading edge of conscious leadership, organizational development, and corporate cultural alignment, Magi was named one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Influential Women in Business.

​Leveraging her twenty-plus years of experience, Magi delivers customized leadership programs to transform teams and improve corporate culture. Using a unique combination of experiential coaching, evidence-based leadership tools, and actionable strategies, Magi and KeenAlignment empower business leaders to reshape company culture, increase employee engagement, grow revenue, and build high-performance organizations from the inside out.


No matter the size of the team, Magi can show people how to work together more cohesively and productively for better outcomes and work lives.


Magi’s one-on-one coaching can be game changing for leaders who need help working through problems to experience personal and professional breakthroughs.


With more than 15 years of experience as a featured keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Magi knows how to engage and inspire on the topics of leadership, breakthrough performance, and organizational culture.


For more than a decade, Magi has helped companies assess the current state of their culture, fix problems holding back performance, and activate the human spirit at work.

Praise for Margaret Graziano

“Margaret walks her talk!”

For the better part of a decade, Margaret Graziano has been my executive coach. As a woman, conservation professional and servant leader, Margaret’s coaching and sage advice has played a huge role in my development as a confident leader. Margaret has coached me on everything from values-centric hiring, to building highly functioning teams, to resolving conflicts and building accountability, to caring for my own physical and mental health. As a coach, Margaret walks her talk – the guidance she provides comes from her own evolving experiences and journey as a woman leader and business owner. She sees the tools of collaboration, communication, curiosity, consensus, and inclusion as strengths, not weaknesses. These are extremely challenging times to lead organizations and agencies. Margaret has taught me that being honest, authentic, transparent, and being able to show vulnerability and humanity are perhaps the most important values and skills we can call upon as we try to adapt to a very different future. It has been said that courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to act despite it. Margaret has helped me to push through perceived barriers that might otherwise hold me back from making the contribution I was put on this planet to make.

Andrea Mackenzie, General Manager, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, San Jose, CA


“Margaret has my highest recommendation.”

Margaret has been a supporter and consultant of MTC Performance for 15 years or more. She is currently engaged in a coaching and mentoring program for our senior management team. In less than 90 days, Margaret has engaged in ways that have produced demonstrable results, not only in my managers, but in myself as well. Her insights and methods are spot on. Given my adherence to Patrick Lencioni’s Four Obsessions and Five Temptations, she is qualified to consult on the implementation of those disciplines, and more importantly, their practice. Margaret is supportive, highly collaborative, and very knowledgeable in her field. I believe many organizations would benefit from her approach to top tier organizational dynamics and interactions, as well as team development. She has my highest recommendation.”

George Kriza, President/CEO, MTC Performance, Schaumburg, IL