Your People are your Best Asset!

Get the most value out of your best asset: Your People.

Margaret Graziano, Chief Evangelist

Keynote Speaker/Author/Corporate Culture Catalyst

Margaret Graziano’s and her consulting company, KeenAlignment’s, expertise is in supporting clients in creating and sustaining high-performing work cultures. Margaret’s business and people solutions have been implemented successfully across multiple industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, high tech, agriculture, non-profit and government.

Rather than focusing on approaches like implementing “plug and play” office perks (foosball tables, bring-your-pet-to-work policies, etc.), Graziano’s strategy is about creating systems, behaviors and practices that ensure leaders demonstrate and reinforce key organizational values (“walk the talk”), hold employees accountable for behaviors that fall short of those values and give the entire workforce new skills to drive these changes through conflict management training, leadership development and other targeted learning initiatives.

Through a depth of experiences working with companies in scale, merge, and recalibration mode, Margaret Graziano has learned to deeply understand, anticipate and solve the workforce challenges plaguing and paralyzing today’s organizations. As a top tier keynote speaker and executive coach, Margaret has inspired thousands of global leaders to implement conscious people, culture and strategy solutions in hundreds of organizations. Her methods are proven and effective in getting people and organizational cultures from where they are to where they want to be.

  • Conscious Hiring Process

    Many companies—from multinational mega-corporations to neighborhood markets—are still using outdated hiring techniques. Clinging to the ways of the past when constructing a workforce leads to high turnover, stagnant engagement from staff and quarterly reports in the red.

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  • Leadership Development

    Being an effective leader of people in today’s world seems to be much more complicated than in years past. In the previous century, for the vast majority, work was approached as a means for survival. The level of employee engagement did not dictate how long they stayed in the role.

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  • Employee Retention

    Studies have shown that the drivers of employee engagement have everything to do with how an employee feels about work and feels at work. It begins with the employee feeling connected and invested in the company mission and direction, and continues with the employee having .....

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    Now more than ever, Business Leaders must bring their organizations to new levels of effectiveness. This means shaping a constructive culture, optimizing your talent, and implementing smart practices for hiring, developing and retaining the right people. Margaret’s vivacious personality and solution.....

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