Discover actionable employee engagement and people strategies by attending one of our upcoming events, and find out why people turn to keynote speaker Magi Graziano, a talent management expert with over 20 years of experience enabling business leaders to develop high-achievement corporate cultures. A wizard in every phase of the talent life cycle, Magi infuses her vivacious personality and “let’s do this now!” approach into her solution-focused keynote presentations. A funny, provocative, and straight-to-the-point keynote speaker, Magi challenges existing hiring and employee retention paradigms at every turn. She offers instead exciting, groundbreaking, yet actionable ways for companies to align their corporate strategy with their people strategy and thereby maximize employee effectiveness and engagement and develop high-performing teams who consistently elevate the customer experience.

March 2019

NAHCR Webinar

March 21 @ 1:00 pm2:00 pm

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to impact your company’s organizational effectiveness by ensuring the people you bring on board are ideal for the job and for your company. New hires will be philosophically aligned with your company’s culture. They’ll possess the right attitudes and beliefs about themselves and the position for which they are applying. You’ll ensure they are highly-qualified, dedicated to their role, and that they get results. Conscious Hiring® and Development leverages your ability to act as…

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April 2019

SHRM 2019 Talent Conference & Exposition

April 9 @ 10:00 am11:00 am
Nashville, TN

Workplace Application: Understand how creating a high-performance organization requires a paradigm shift and an increased focus on workforce engagement. Position yourself as a leader in 21st century talent revolution and workforce optimization. “Conscious hiring” is the key to employee engagement, retention and optimization in the workplace. With the high cost of recruiting, insidious costs of a bad hire and the potential for turnover, concious hiring and development give you control over the hiring process to directly impact profitability, workforce effectiveness…

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CastExpo & Metalcasting Congress 2019

April 28 @ 1:30 pm3:00 pm
Omni Hotel at CNN Center, 100 CNN Center
Atlanta, GA 30303 United States
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Response agility is our keen ability to choose our response in each moment. Responses are based on thoughts, and thoughts are products of how we interpret the world around us. We have complete power to change our natural responses by altering our interpretation in real-time.

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The Association of Manufacturers Bay Area

April 30 @ 5:15 pm5:55 pm
Oakland, CA

Cultural Transformation: How an Old Company Learned New Tricks Learn how AB&I Foundry executives worked with KeenAlignment experts to shape and guide a constructive culture where affiliation, results, self-actualization and humanistic behavior is an everyday norm. By empowering business leaders and team members in the distinction of being responsible and operating in collaboration, engagement, and innovation, they re-engineered key elements of the human system and leadership operating style to elevate performance and align behavior to core values.

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June 2019

National SHRM

June 22 @ 1:00 pm5:00 pm
Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV United States + Google Map

Developing HR as a Strategic Business Partner: HR Transformation 3.0

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