“Once again…thank you, for delivering a phenomenal transformation exercise. It delivered perspective, personal growth and a path where the team is much better positioned to collaboratively execute to the vision of innovation leadership. I have to also express compliments for making it a “real” program. Everyone, to a person, was moved and inspired everyone to become better as both people and colleagues….You bring huge credibility and energy…” Bill Bentinck, VP/GM, Eugenus, San Jose, CA, USA

“As a business with a mission to be a world-class organization, the growth of our senior leadership team is of utmost importance. KeenAlignment has developed our management team to be more cohesive vs. individualistic or territorial with our operations, and this has put us on the pathway to becoming a world-class company sooner than anticipated. We now understand that we all wear the same jersey, and by working and growing together, we’ll have a lasting impact on Clow Valve as a whole organization.

My personal growth as a senior-level manager has been significantly impacted, and has affected the direction I take in my leadership. I was never much for public speaking, and with Keen’s training, I have gained the courage and confidence to take a stand and speak up to make a difference. I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and engaging with my people, motivating my team and encouraging them to speak up and make a difference as well. Regardless of whether you’re a janitor or the CEO, we’re all in this together and part of the whole big picture.

“KeenAlignment’s training approach is unique, as they encourage you to become better regardless of what it looks like. It’s not always easy, and they don’t let that get in the way of standing for your development. The assignments and work are impactful, and whether it’s a personal coaching or group training session, it’s all about receiving feedback from you as a participant in terms of what you’re hearing and learning for yourself, so it’s very professionally laid out. Most world-class organizations will want to take advantage of this higher learning!” John Grahek, Assistant Plant Manager, Clow Valve, IA, USA

“Margaret has been a tremendous resource for our business. She provided necessary support and guidance in hiring and screening our associates to ensure the right hires for our organization. We are now a more efficient and high performing organization, and she is helping us create the vision and culture we desire. If you thought you knew everything about how to run your company, think again. Margaret can bring you to the next level to create a more harmonious workforce, more efficiency and more profit. Whatever you invest in her consulting will result in a hefty return. You cannot afford to NOT hire her.” Bill Parkin, Partner, Wittwer Parkin LLP, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

“Margaret was the perfect keynote for our conference because of the level of enthusiasm she brings to the topic of talent management. The audience was captivated by Margaret and walked away with a greater understanding of employee engagement and how to build a strong workforce.” Lisa Lichty, CEO, Star Staffing, Petaluma, CA, USA

“Great speaker!” “High Energy, Informative and eye opening!” “If I could rate higher than a five I would, probably the best breakout session of any meeting I have been too!” “Magi was fantastic. Made me think more about my own performance. Excellent thought-provoking seminar!” National After Sales Meeting Participants, Volkswagen, Herndon, VA, USA
“Magi’s presentation was outstanding. Everyone that I have spoken to since her presentation today has raved about her presentation and content. She offered some thought provoking ideas and learning opportunities for everyone. We are very appreciative of her time to come here and her expertise.” Sharon Brown, Corporate Director of Human Resources, Moseley Associates, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA, USA

“KeenAlignment’s initiatives have provided a framework for our leadership team to work and collaborate together, and facilitate constructive discussion when resolving conflicts. Teamwork is the foundation for everything a business does, and Keen’s framework is the basis of this new way we operate and interact with one another. Our team now has a unique and impactful vernacular for our day-to-day communications, as well as systems and tools in place to make sure everyone is on the same page, which is a tremendous benefit. I’m a very pragmatic person, and KeenAlignment’s training is very pragmatic in its approach. We had a new team member that joined, and that person wasn’t really listening. I was able to coach him on how he’s listening, but not actively listening, and that’s what is important to me. Keen’s programs are implemented in a functional and practical way, and address the entirety of the human condition.” Larry Jordan, CEO, Wi-Tronix, Bolingbrook, IL, USA

“My experience with KeenAlignment has been life and career changing. Working with this group has opened my eyes to the growth I needed as a leader and person. I have personally grown both in my awareness of how I impact others and my ability to impact our business. This learning has taken place through intense offsite retreats, group trainings and working with my individual coach twice monthly. I have seen great changes in others at my company and have been amazed at how quickly we have been able to start building momentum toward our future goals. The KeenAlignment group has a talented group of consultants. They have the experience to bring what you need to the table in a way that works for you. They don’t sugar coat that there is work to be done and they are fiercely dedicated to their clients. I would recommend working with Keen to anyone who is serious about changing the culture of an organization.” Chris Prendergast, Plant Manager/Foundry Operations, Clow Valve, IA, USA

Thank you for your time and investment in our lives. You and your team have made an impact to our team and have made a huge impact to my way of life. You have opened my eyes to different ways, different views; positive, negative, above and below the line, winning and losing working as a team. I am thankful for you sharing this with us. We have a long way to go, but this foundation is the start. So many things learned, thank you so much.” Ken Nobriga, Shipping Supervisor, AB&I Foundry, Oakland, CA, USA
 “Conscious Hiring helps me get to know the candidates in an incredibly valuable way. I know that they are a fit for our position in their competencies and experiences, but also that they are a fit for the organization, that they will be an asset to the team they are joining in all ways. All of the questions asked through the process have such specific purposes, they each illuminate critical aspects about our candidates that make the selection process incredibly easy. When I present final candidates to hiring managers I have confidence that we are selecting from the best of the best. The success that we have seen has built a great deal of trust in the process from the hiring managers. In our organization we want to be hiring for longevity, Conscious Hiring is the best tool to accomplish this. It is also the most successful recruitment method that I have seen or used. Thank you to Margaret and her team for sharing this tool!” Elizabeth Loretto, Office and Human Resources Administrator, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, San Jose, CA, USA

“Conscious Hiring allows us to take a deeper dive when evaluating candidates. Rather than simply “going through the motions” of matching skills and experience to job requirements, the practice of Conscious Hiring has taught us to listen and look deeper. Through the identification of values, motivations and behaviors, we have been able to not only find candidates with the right technical skills, but hire great candidates with the right soft skills that fit into our unique culture.” Mary McAdams, Human Resources Manager, Duncan Solutions, Milwaukee, WI, USA

We engaged the KeenHire team to help us with a recruitment and selection need we had. Margo and her team helped us identify the traits we were looking for in our Sales and Operational personnel. We used their assessment tools to profile our top performers so we understood the drivers for success. KeenHire then built a recruitment and employment selection process that saved us time and money by only
bringing forth the top candidates. The KeenHire team conducted screening, interviewing, behavioral interviewing and assessments on each finalist and is then coaching our team on how to get the most out of our new people.” Simon Rickman, CEO, Les Mills International, San Francisco, CA, USA & COO, Les Mills International, Auckland, New Zealand