Now more than ever, Business Leaders must bring their organizations to new levels of effectiveness. This means shaping a constructive culture, optimizing your talent, and implementing smart practices for hiring, developing and retaining the right people. Margaret’s vivacious personality and solution-focused presentations offer exciting, groundbreaking, yet actionable ways for companies to maximize organizational performance, increase employee engagement, and develop high-performing teams who consistently boost the customer experience. Margaret has created one of the fastest-growing consulting companies in the US, and worked with organizations to elevate the agility of their workforce, inspire their teams to collaborate and innovate, and integrate culturally aligned strategies, interactions and processes into the human system. She prides herself on the work she does with purpose-driven, open-minded Executives and Strategic HR leaders to clear the space, and make the foundation for authentic, effective leadership to occur, so people are empowered to energize and optimize their organization’s most valuable resource.

Speaking Pitches

Constructive Corporate Culture, Cultural Alignment

1. Developing Skills and Strategies to Improve the Communication Culture of Your Organization.  VIEW HERE

2. The life of your company depends on the culture you inspire.   VIEW HERE

HR Strategy

1. Developing HR as a Strategic Business Partner: OSA.   VIEW HERE

2. Developing HR as a Strategic Business Partner: – Clow Valve.  VIEW HERE

3. Building Highly Effective Relationships with Business Managers.  VIEW HERE

4. Maximize Your HR Leadership Effectiveness.  VIEW HERE

Conscious Hiring® and Development

1. Conscious Hiring® is the key to employee engagement, retention and optimization in the workplace.  VIEW HERE

Leadership Development, Leadership Accelerator, Leadership Agility

1. Response agility is our keen ability to choose our response in each moment.  VIEW HERE

2. Mastering 21st Century Leadership.  VIEW HERE

3. Ignite Power – Unleash Your Natural Leader.  VIEW HERE

4. Build High-Performance Teams – Increase Productivity and Profits with High Performance Teams.  VIEW HERE

5. The 5% Factor.  VIEW HERE

Employee Engagement, Employee Retention

1. Workforce Optimization – Unleash the Wealth of Talent in Your Organization.  VIEW HERE

2. Dispelling the Myths of Talent Management Strategies – Talent Strategy 3.0.  VIEW HERE

3. INSPIRE – The Key to Creating Alignment and Engagement in the 21st Century Workforce.  VIEW HERE