“We are thrilled to see your scores surpassing our 4.5 threshold. Congratulations on a very successful session!”

Your survey responses (each on a 5-pt. scale):

  • Overall level of satisfaction: 7
  • Facilitator was engaging, interesting, and well prepared: 8
  • Content was valuable, relevant and immediately applicable: 7

Tyler Adair, Coordinator, Vistage Executive Summit

“Thank you for a super excellent presentation. You are an enthralling speaker. A quick glance through the blue evaluation sheets yields this: ‘I have been coming to the EAC seminars for 15 years and Margaret is the best speaker ever!’ – Patricia Lutz, Director of HR. I hope you will grace us with another speaking engagement next year!”

Larry Seiden, Evaluations/Speaker Liaison Chair, Santa Clara Employer’s Advisory Council

“Thank you for the training you gave in Mankato, MN on leadership and the imposed reflection on myself. Very interesting. Also thank you for the energy you bring to your presentations. You clearly believe the knowledge you are passing on.”

Scott Kaufman, Quality Leader, Badger Mining Corporation

“Margaret was truly a breath of fresh air when she presented her well-documented research at SHRM18. Her passion for effective leadership was truly inspiring and challenging. The self-realization that “it begins with me” was both enlightening and humbling. The neuroscience was truly fascinating and her expertly demonstrating how diagonal-thinking and managing energy systems leads to executive thinking and synchronicity was most powerful. I am grateful for her insights and expertise which, when put into practice, will make me or anyone a better, in-house HR consultant at the highest level.”

Keith Hardcastle, Director Human Resources/Public Information Officer, Gulf Coast Authority

“Margaret gave an amazing presentation at the AHRMA conference this year. I was so inspired and I loved her energy and conviction! Keep up the great work, you are truly elevating people everywhere!”

Jennifer Cupid, Director of Human Resources, JuiceLand

“The session this morning was great! I am interested in learning more about your plans that you made in the beginning (2020). I love that you said decisions come easier when you have a goal! Total epiphany! Best Sunday Morning I’ve had in a long time! Thank you!”

April Troutman, Human Resources Director, Paradise, Inc.

“What a great event today — the room was a buzz with positive energy after your presentation, the morning continued to flow from it. Thank you again for taking the time to share your story and your leadership vision with the Chamber.”

Casey Beyer, CEO, Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce

“Margaret was the perfect keynote for our conference because of the level of enthusiasm she brings to the topic of talent management. The audience was captivated by Margaret and walked away with a greater understanding of employee engagement and how to build a strong workforce.”

Lisa Lichty, CEO, Star Staffing

“We had 701 attendees and 93% of them gave the Webinar a 4-5 for effectiveness, and 94% rated Margaret’s effectiveness as a speaker a 4-5 (on a scale of 1-5). Those are great survey results and definitely in line with what we would expect of our THR Webinars! Some attendee comments included: “Love the presenter’s passion for the topic, engaging.”, “It flowed so well I was surprised when it was over that I had been listening for an hour already.”, “One of the best Webinars I have ever attended. THANK YOU!”

Traci Cook, Content Editor, ThinkHR

“Margaret was a true inspiration to the ENTIRE audience, I am getting emails left & right about her and her message! I took away so much from her speech & will attempt to integrate it in my everyday activities! The part that stuck with me the most was her awareness activity, the circle. It showed me how much time I spend in the negative & need to move more of my day into the positive! Understanding that it is not an overnight switch, but it gave me the push I needed to make the change, for me as an individual. I know a ton of Admins were requesting we bring her back for a full session (YAY!)”

Haley Tomlinson, Conference Events Rep, Northrop Grumman

“Margaret Graziano delivered a powerful presentation to an intimate group of graduating seniors and alumni. She was dynamic, engaging, and inspiring; challenging us to take control of our own success, to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, and to be the CEO of our own career. We appreciated Margaret’s humor and honesty, and we eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with her and her team.”

Dylan Houle, Associate Director, Internships & Career Services, Menlo College

“Great speaker!”

“High Energy, Informative and eye opening!”

“If I could rate higher than a five I would, probably the best breakout session of any meeting I have been to!”

“Margaret was fantastic. Made me think more about my own performance. Excellent thought-provoking seminar!”

National After Sales Meeting, Volkswagen

“Margaret had great energy and brought a new approach to the hiring mindset. I appreciated that she gave us insight on how to hire right to be sure that it is a beneficial relationship for everyone involved.”

Ashleigh Sims, Co-Organizer, BOOST Denver

“Margaret’s presentation was outstanding. Everyone that I have spoken to since her presentation today has raved about her presentation and content. She offered some thought provoking ideas and learning opportunities for everyone. We are very appreciative of her time to come here and her expertise.”

Sharon Brown, Corporate Director of Human Resources, Moseley Associates, Inc.

“Among a group of young HR professionals in CA with primarily 2 to 5 years of experience in the HR field, Maximize Your HR Effectiveness rated as excellent with high-impact content to effectuate success in HR.  Margaret’s passion, high engagement and expertise clearly resonated with attendees providing rave reviews.”

Young Professionals Summit, Northern California Human Resources Association

“I’ve known Margaret for almost 5 years and have had the pleasure of hearing her speak on numerous occasions. Margaret’s passion for her profession is only second to her knowledge of employee behavior. If a company or group was looking for a speaker who can captivate their audience on employment behavior practices, then Margaret would surely be the one.” 

Robert Krzak, CPC, CERS, Gecko Hospitality

“Margaret has been a speaker with the Northern California HR Association for many years. She is a highly respected speaker and very knowledgeable on the subjects of recruiting and interviewing. Our audience always gets a great deal of knowledge and takeaways from her presentations. She is also great to work with as she is always responsive and is a genuinely nice person. I would definitely recommend her as a speaker.”

Kenneth Yip, Events and Communications Specialist, Northern California Human Resources Association

“Margaret with KeenHire, a KeenAlignment company, offered our YMCA professionals a half-day workshop on best hiring and management practices. Margaret was engaging, personable, and enthusiastic. Her presented material was very beneficial, useful, and practical. Margaret was easy to work with, dependable, and inspiring to our YMCA management team.”

Rob Sauvajot, Executive Director, YMCA

“I attended Margo’s teleconference. I would also encourage everyone who wants to expand and grow their business to attend. It was extremely motivating and informative no matter what the profession. I look forward to more.”

Ruth Ann Castellana, Remote HIM Talent Acquisition Specialist

“I recently attended Margaret’s CERS certification and Talent Strategy 3.0 class in Las Vegas. It was, by far, the best training class I’ve attended. Margaret’s passion makes her a dynamic speaker. Her forward-thinking insight into talent acquisition and retention speaks to her immense knowledge and understanding of the real issues facing today’s employers. Her expertise and wisdom on how to implement these philosophies to add to your offerings, has proved invaluable. I highly recommend KeenHire, a KeenAlignment company, and Margaret to anyone wanting to be on the leading edge of the staffing and recruiting industry.”

Karen Richards, President & CEO, Fidelis Companies

“I have had Margaret speak to my Vistage groups about the War for Talent and she shared excellent ideas about what’s going on in the economy and the recruiting space. Additionally, I have referred Margaret to my clients to help them with recruiting and background checks. All reports have been superlative.”

Gil Herman, Chair, Vistage International

“Margaret is smart and energetic; she keeps the audience engaged and makes great points that are real world.”

John Wise, Sales Executive, EDI

“I recently had the pleasure of attending an outstanding presentation on Conscious Hiring, given by Margaret Graziano of KeenAlignment. Her knowledge and expertise in obtaining and retaining top notch employees is spot on! She delivered her message with such a vibrant energy and accurate view of the workplace today.

As a recruiter, I see firsthand how many components go into ensuring a great match for both the employer and the employee. Not only is it critical to ensure a great hire, it is imperative to retain that talent. Excuse the cliché, but the success of a company is dependent upon the people within it. Sometimes when we are so close to a situation, it’s difficult to pinpoint where the issues stem from. Margaret and the KeenAlignment team offer excellent insight on this matter.

I would encourage any organization or leadership team that is encountering difficulties in their hiring efforts or employee retention and is willing to make positive changes to turn it around, get in touch with Margaret. You and your team will be happy you did!”

Aimee Anderson, President, TeamBuilders Employment & Business Solutions

“I can say without a doubt that those in our Central California SHRM Chapter that attended Margaret Graziano’s presentation on Conscious Hiring had many AHA moments! It was clear to me from the start of her presentation that she is very passionate about sharing the concept she developed to help organizations improve their hiring practices. The concept is definitely thought provoking and her personality and enthusiasm connected extremely well with our group. I would not hesitate to recommend Margaret to speak to any audience interested in learning how to improve their recruitment/hiring practices.”

Jeff Esraelian, Human Resources Manager, Sebastian Corporation